We recently came across a wonderful series of images, The Women of the Arts, by 20 year old Baljit Singh. The soulful eyes of the young girl in the images instantly grabbed our attention and we wanted to know more.

The images feature Baljit’s young cousin posed to pay homage to various iconic images of women from the arts. It was an idea she borrowed from a series of images by Jamie C. Moore’s gorgeous series of images featuring Jamie’s daughter, a series of images also inspired by other iconic images of great women through history.

Here’s what Baljit had to say about the project:

Well the main reason I did this project was, again, because I wanted to do what Jaime C. Moore did with her daughter. I hadn’t done as much work with my camera as a wanted to, because of school, so I had lost my focus. So I decided to do a project that got me out of that creative block. I focused it around various forms of art, because I feel as much as we are surrounded by art it doesn’t always get appreciated compared to other lines of work. I’m a student so I felt very strong about this issue. It’s important to revive art and creativity in the younger generations and cultivate them into becoming creative beings. I chose a range of women in the arts with different backgrounds, different ages and line of work, because I wanted all types of people (women) to relate to them. I shot the whole thing in a day, and finished editing in about 3 days. After the photo shoot finished me and my 9 year-old cousin (girl modelling in the pictures) celebrated with juice boxes and brownies. That’s the good thing about working with kids, they don’t ask for much. Give them a colouring book and you’re set!

The line marked in bold speaks volumes. If you’re struggling to pick up the camera, find something you love and use it as a starting block to start creating.

Be sure to pop over to Baljit’s Tumblr page and follow her on Twitter at @bsinghh

Check out the rest of this series, plus more from Baljit Singh, at baljitksingh.tumblr.com.

All images copyright Baljit Singh.

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