What do you get when you mix a talented photographer, a couple deeply in love, a few cans of paint and a whole lot of fun? An engagement shoot with a whole lot of heart!

We stumbled upon this series of images yesterday and decided it was too good not to share!

The engagement shoot, by A. S. Nagpal Photography, based in New York City, caught our eye for all the right reasons. Bright, colourful, fun, and full of love, it is a vivid and beautiful series of photos.

We got in touch with Amandeep seeking permission to post his photos and share them with you. He happily provided us the photos below and offered us this insight into the shoot:

The couple wanted something unique for their engagement session. We were brainstorming ideas and the groom said he wanted to include paint in somehow. I immediately fell in love with the idea! It was my job now to figure out how to make the paint war engagement shoot work. While they bought tools and prepared their apartment for the shoot, I thought about the short story we could create and how it could be brought to life with a series of photos. When the day finally came, I brought over my studio equipment (two 43″ brolly boxes) to achieve the best lighting indoors to bring out all the colors. Since it was an engagement session, we decided to write the Save the Date at the very end to put it all together. The couple ended up having a blast – that’s what it’s all about!

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Check out the rest of this fantastic session, plus Amandeep’s other great work, over on his website.

All images copyright A. S. Nagpal Photography.

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