We’re still alive! And we have plenty of new content coming soon!

That thing called life just keeps getting in the way for Kevin and I. Work challenges, family events, general frustrations and that almighty lack of motivation (for me) is overwhelming.

But we ARE still here, and we are still committed to bringing you the important stuff when it needs to be brought to air. That’s one other reason why it’s been a bit quiet; we’ve been working on a couple of things we want to get right before we air them. Because we may not always be the most prompt and drop it as it happens, but we will always deliver a well thought out response when we do.

This week will see some reviews of some pretty cool stuff coming to you from the VOTogs team, so stay tuned!

On the comic… Sam asked us last week for a comic idea. In a panic I yelled “Cantaloupe in a bikini!” Sooooooo, Sam made me out to have some kind of fruit fetish… I have no words.


VOTogs: Selective Colour. "Challenges & Frustrations"

To think we doubted Sam could incorporate the challenge…