We’ve been a little slack.

For our (currently small) readership, we apologise. We will make it up to you!

For myself (Oeter), I’ve just been in a mess of work, combined with gaming, volunteer stuff, and personal stuff. Kev has been equally busy and what little free time he has found has been spent actually getting out there and shooting (most recently with the cartoonified coffee-loving Simon Pollock).

Thankfully, Sam has been more than patient and still just as giving and the comics continue! I have some content lined up for next week, and hopefully we’ll be back in full swing soon!

In the mean time, have a lovely weekend!

Click the comic to enjoy it in all its glory! Enjoy!

VOTogs: Selective Colour. "All Play & No Work"

We’ve been slack. We apologise. At least one of us is still doing work?