Husband, father, IT boffin, engineer, chef, photographer, gadget reviewer, writer, whisky & wine lover. Survivor of Project 365, 2010. 1/2 of VoTogs, allegedly.

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Kevin Cheng

Brick walls are all the rage!

Kevin is the definitely not golden, but very much the oldie on the team of VoTogs. One of his favourite past times appears to be hanging crap on @OeterB who is very conveniently available for ridicule most of the time. That noble commitment notwithstanding, there is an unproven allegation that he really does have a heart. According to his twitter account profile, he has many hats and it seems many more to come. He does not intend to give up his day job (IT boffin), or his real job (husband and father), the twilight job (gadget reviewer), the afterhours part of his day job (continuous industry certification), to become a photographer [yet]. Somewhere in between there is always a time for a coffee, a chat, a sarcastic remark to @OeterB or on rare occasions, be helpful. VoTogs is thrown on top of this steaming pile and he thinks it will be awesome. Almost two decades on, he is yet to find an on-going job in his chosen academic vocation…

It is not entirely unknown that Kevin occasionally harbour a taste for the finer things in life: there is his wine collection, the unhealthy obsession with good single malt whisky, love of beautiful … hah, you are thinking ‘women’ here right? Yeah well that too, but it is for unique natural timber pieces.

His photography weapon of choice is a Canon 5D Mark III, usually carted around in a ThinkTank Photo Retrospective or perched atop a 3 Legged Thing Eddie. On the other end of the scale is a Nexus 5 for the happy snaps. He is a Project 365 survivor (2010), and abject failure at Project 52s ever since. Kevin’s awesome, ordinary and downright uninspiring photos can all be seen on Flickr.