Soru: How To Balance The Red Camera On The Easyrig?

How do I connect my camera to Easyrig?

Pull the belt tightly. Attach your camera to the Easyrig. Use your middle finger to open the hook. Secure the hook by turning the knob clockwise.

What does an easy rig do?

Introduction. Easyrig systems are body harnesses which spread the weight of the camera system onto the operator’s body making shoulder mount, freehand and gimble-mount operation less arduous for the operator.

Should I get an Easyrig?

The first, and most obvious, benefit of using an Easyrig is that they spread the camera weight evenly around the hips, rather than all of the weight sitting on one shoulder. Typically if you are shooting on the shoulder the camera weight is all on the right side of the body.

How much does an Easyrig cost?

At $1300, the Easyrig Mini still may be out of reach price-wise for many of us. However, for working professionals who are looking to alleviate the potential medical problems that come along with shooting loads of handheld, the Easyrig is almost a must.

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