Sık sorulan: What Is Al Camera In Mate 20 Lite?

What is AI Camera on Huawei?

Master AI is a pre-installed camera feature that helps you take better photos by intelligently identifying objects and scenarios and optimizing the camera settings accordingly. Master AI is able to identify a variety of scenes, such as stages, beaches, blue skies, greenery, and text.

How does Huawei AI Camera work?

To activate the Mater AI Scene recognition feature open the Camera, go to Settings and enable Master AI. Now the phone will automatically select the best shooting mode and improve the quality of your photos. The device can recognize, amongst others, pets, cars, flowers, fireworks or ancient buildings.

What is the difference between AI camera and normal camera?

With the term AI increasingly being used not only in camera phones, but in all kinds of cameras, it pays to know what AI is actually doing for your photos. AI has blurred the boundaries between image capture, image enhancement and image manipulation.

What is AI camera mode?

AI in AI Camera stands for Artificial Intelligence. On the surface, an AI Camera does automatic scene recognition. Once you point your camera the right direction, the AI Camera takes over to automatically tweak the settings behind the scenes for that killer shot.

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What are the benefits of AI camera?

Using AI, the phone’s camera interface can detect the subject in the camera frame (landscape, food, fireworks etc.) and accordingly adjust the settings for the best possible image. AI can also identify facial features and automatically enhance them for a superior portrait.

What is Huawei AI life?

HUAWEI AI Life helps you manage all your smart devices in one convenient, easy-to-use application. HUAWEI AI Life lets you select Wi-Fi mode, detect signal strength, allow guest connections, manage time spent online, set up data plans, and much more.

What is HDR mode in camera?

High Dynamic Range or HDR mode is one of the Camera modes in Android 4.2 enabled Samsung Smartphones that lets you see more detail in your shots by widening the exposure range. You can use this mode to take photos without losing details in bright and dark areas.

How do you connect to AI life?

To add a device:

  1. Connect your phone/tablet to the home Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the HUAWEI AI Life app.
  3. Go to Home > + >Add device, and the app will scan for devices nearby.
  4. In the scanned device list, touch CONNECT next to the device name.
  5. Set the Device name and Location, and finish adding.

How do I set up my Huawei AI life?

Method 1: Through the HUAWEI AI Life App

  1. Connect your phone to your router’s Wi-Fi (no password is required).
  2. Open the HUAWEI smart device management app and go to CONFIGURE > Get Started.

How do I install Huawei AI Life app?

Visit, and download HUAWEI AI Life app. The QR code for downloading the HUAWEI AI Life app is on the product package/manual. Scan it with your phone and then follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the app.

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Is the P20 Lite camera good?

The Huawei P20 Lite has dual lens cameras at the rear, with a 16Mp sensor (aperture of f/2.2) and another one of 2Mp (aperture of f/2.4). It’s only useful for the bokeh effect in portrait mode, but it works very well. In daylight you get nice shots, with really bright colours.

Is Huawei mate 20 Lite waterproof?

The phone has no water resistance, that seems reserved for Huawei’s more premium offerings. The Lite is a dual SIM phone with a hybrid slot.

Is a Huawei P20 Lite waterproof?

The Huawei P20 Lite is a solid phone with good choice of materials and attractive color options. We have just one complaint, though – while the P20 Lite isn’t waterproof, not even splash-resistant, Huawei could have still done a better job at the back.

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