Sık sorulan: How To Hide Huawei Multiple Camera Photo?

How do I hide photos on my Huawei?

In order to hide photos on Android phones from Huawei and HTC, you can easily do that by following these steps:

  1. First: Open the Gallery app on your phone.
  2. Second: Select the photos or Album you want to hide.
  3. Third: Click on the Menu icon on the upper-right corner of the screen and click Hide.

Where are hidden photos in Huawei?

Huawei How to unhide an album

  1. Open the Gallery app.
  2. Open the menu.
  3. Tap on Hide albums.
  4. Unhide an album.

Does Huawei have secret camera?

In an exclusive chat with TechRadar at MWC 2019, Huawei’s CMO, Herman Zhu confirmed that there was a ‘secret’ camera alongside the foldable Huawei Mate X’s current three-sensor array.

How do I hide albums on my Huawei?

Hide albums: Hide your albums to keep privacy. You can keep the albums hidden. From the Albums tab, go to > Hide albums, then toggle on the switch of the albums you want to hide.

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Can you lock photos on Huawei?

Go to Settings > Security & privacy > File safe. Then tap on Enable to set the password which we need to use to lock the files on Huawei phone. You can choose to associate fingerprint to quickly access the File safe and files saved in it.

Which app is best for hide photos?

The 10 best apps to hide photos and videos on Android!

  1. Hide Pictures in Vaulty. This is one of the oldest and most trusted apps you could find when it comes to hiding your photos and videos on Android.
  2. Vault.
  3. KeepSafe.
  4. Hide it Pro.
  5. Safe Gallery Free.
  6. Private Photo Vault.
  7. Fotox.
  8. Photo Locker.

How do I manage photos on Huawei?

Press and hold an album until an icon appears next to all the albums, then press and hold and drag the album to its proper position. After the adjustment is complete, touch to save the changes. Albums such as All photos, All videos, My favourites, and Screenshots cannot be adjusted.

Where is hidden folder in Huawei?

Open the File Manager. Next, tap Menu > Settings. Scroll to the Advanced section, and toggle the Show hidden files option to ON: You should now be able to easily access any files that you’d previously set as hidden on your device.

How do I unblock a photo album on my Huawei?

To unblock an album, go to Others, touch View blocked albums, then touch Unblock next to the album.

How do I use the camera on my Huawei laptop?

Huawei has gone for the novel approach of disguising the camera as a keyboard button, placing it in between the F6 and F7 keys. It pops up when you want to use it, and closes shut, guaranteeing your privacy, when you don’t.

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Can you hide photos on Huawei P30?

Vault hide photos, hide your photos behind a calculator You can hide your photos and videos on your Huawei P30 behind an app calculator vault. You can access these files by entering a PIN code to enter into the calculator.

How do I sort photos by date on Huawei?

Go to the Photos tab. Photos and videos are automatically displayed in chronological order. > Settings and switch on Show time to display the date when the photo was taken.

How do I find hidden albums?

How do I Hide & Unhide Albums in my Gallery?

  1. 1 Launch the Gallery app.
  2. 2 Select Albums.
  3. 3 Tap on.
  4. 4 Select Hide or Unhide albums.
  5. 5 Toggle on/off the albums you would like to hide or unhide.

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