FAQ: What Is The Color Order On The Hikvision Camera?

How many color palettes do hikvision thermal cameras offer operators?

Other features include: Reliable temperature exception alarm function Advanced fire detection and smoking detection algorithm 160 x 120 resolution sensor, high sensitivity sensor, support contrast adjustment Shutter adjustment in various modes 3D DNR, 15 palettes of color adjustable, image detail enhancement.

What do hikvision model numbers mean?

Odd number = dome/turret. Even number = box/bullet/cube/covert. A = bullet. C = cube/panda. D = pinhole.

What is hikvision ColorVu?

What is Hikvision ColorVu technology? Hikvision ColorVu Cameras’ powerful ability to capture details in low lighting comes from two specific breakthroughs in hardware technologies: advanced lenses and high-performance sensors.

How does hikvision ColorVu work?

In simple terms, Hikvision ColorVu cameras are able to capture more light and with a much greater accuracy. As the aperture of a lens is adjusted, the amount of light lets in changes exponentially. In this example, the difference between apertures of F2. 0 (typical camera) and F1.

What do the colors mean in thermography?

In any thermogram, the brighter colors (red, orange, and yellow) indicate warmer temperatures (more heat and infrared radiation emitted) while the purples and dark blue/black indicate cooler temperatures (less heat and infrared radiation emitted). In this image, the bright yellow area indicates the electrical fault.

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What color is thermal?

The brighter colours red, orange, and yellow indicate warmer temperatures due to heat and infrared radiation being emitted. Whilst the purples, dark blues and black indicate cooler temperatures due to less heat and infrared radiation being emitted.

How do I know if my Hikvision camera is original?

In order to find out exactly what camera you have, you’ll need to inspect the camera’s serial number and barcode. If the last 4 letters denote ‘CCWR’, then congratulations- you’re safe. If you see ‘CCCH’ you have Chinese camera’s that are not firmware upgradable.

What is hikvision AcuSense?

Hikvision AcuSense is an intelligent analysis technology based on deep learning algorithms. Hikvision AcuSense is an intelligent analysis technology based on deep learning algorithms. It categorizes target objects into three types: a person, a car and others.

Which is the best Hikvision camera for home?

The Top 5 Hikvision Cameras

  1. Hikvision DS-2CD2145FWD-I Network Dome Camera 4MP.
  2. Hikvision DS-2DE3304W-DE Mini PTZ Dome.
  3. Hikvision DS-2CD2085FWD-I Bullet Outdoor 8MP.
  4. Hikvision DS-2CD2443G0-IW Fixed Cube Network Camera 4MP.
  5. Hikvision DS-2CD2625FWD-IZS Bullet 2MP.

Is hikvision a ColorVu?

Hikvision has now included 4K ColorVu cameras in its product range, which brings color imaging to ultra-high-definition levels day and night. With 2.8 – 12 mm motorized lenses, ColorVu varifocal cameras will allow users to zoom in on colorful images at night.

How do I choose a Hikvision camera?

If the answer is the former, then you’ll need a Hikvision camera with a 2.8mm or 4mm lens. If the latter, then you’ll be wanting a Hikvision camera with a 6mm or 12mm lens. The lower the number, the wider the angle of view. The higher the number the closer your subject will appear.

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Do Hikvision cameras have night vision?

The Hikvision DS-2CD2232-I5 Outdoor HD PoE Bullet IP Camera, for example, with its long range (up to 50m) EXIR night vision, high resolution 3.1MP recording, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), digital noise reduction, and alarm trigger for motion detection, dynamic analysis, and tampering, makes it the ideal camera for both day

How do I change my Hikvision camera settings?

Steps to alter Video settings include –

  1. Configuration >> Basic Configuration >> Video/Audio.
  2. Go to Video settings >> Modify Resolution, Stream Type, Video Type, Bitrate Type, Frame Rate, Profile, Max Bitrate, Video Encoding and Video Quality to required settings.

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