FAQ: How To Use Iphone 6 Camera?

How do I set my iPhone 6s camera?

Apple® iPhone® 6s / 6s Plus – Common Camera Settings

  1. From the Home screen, tap Camera.
  2. Tap the Flash icon.
  3. Tap one of the following:
  4. Tap HDR (located along the top).
  5. To switch to the front-facing camera, tap the front-facing camera icon.
  6. To switch to a different mode, swipe the modes menu above the ‘take picture icon’

How can I make my iPhone 6 camera quality better?

10 ways to improve iPhone photography with the stock camera app [Video]

  1. Clean your camera lens.
  2. Avoid using digital zoom.
  3. Get in close.
  4. Zoom and lock focus.
  5. Manually adjust exposure.
  6. Use AE/AF lock.
  7. Use the volume buttons or EarPod remote to control the shutter.
  8. Use a tripod or a monopod for added stability.

Does iPhone 6 take good pictures?

You won’t notice the iPhone 6 taking a picture much faster than the iPhone 5S, but they do look less blurry, particularly in lower-light conditions. You won’t get quite the amount of detail you will on phones with many more megapixels, but pictures are vibrant and sharp.

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How do you make your pictures clear on iPhone 6?

Ten tips for taking great photos with your iPhone

  1. Use the iPhone camera shortcut.
  2. Experiment with third-party apps.
  3. Target your shooting mode around your end result.
  4. Follow the rule of thirds.
  5. Turn off your flash.
  6. Use Burst mode for action shots.
  7. Turn on HDR Auto.
  8. Hold down a spot on your viewfinder to lock focus.

What are the best settings for iPhone 6s?

Top 10 iPhone 6s Settings to Change

  • Turn Off Double Notifications.
  • Turn on 4K Video.
  • Change 3D Touch Settings.
  • Set a Live Photo as Your Lock Screen.
  • Turn Selfie Flash On.
  • Finish Touch ID Setup.
  • Disable Keyboard Click Noises.
  • Turn on Voice Over LTE.

Does iPhone 6s plus take good pictures?

The iPhone 6 Plus manages to take very good photos even though it’s “just” 8 megapixels; the 6S Plus is even better. You can achieve great photos off the bat with the 6S Plus – there’s no need to fiddle around with shutter speed or white balance settings in the Camera app.

Does iPhone 6s Camera have night mode?

When the iPhone detects that you’re shooting in low light, the Night mode (moon) icon will appear at the top of the Camera app. If the light is fairly low but not too dark, the icon will be white. Note that if the light is very low, Night mode will automatically switch on and the icon will appear yellow.

Is it worth buying a iPhone 6 in 2019?

Overall, purchasing an iPhone 6 or 6S in 2019 is still a great investment. If you are someone who is looking to get a high quality used phone that still works well, and has many of the same features you love in a new phone, then the iPhone 6 is absolutely a good choice for you in 2019.

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Is iPhone 6 camera better than 6S?

The main camera is rated at 12 megapixels, up from 8 megapixels, and the front-facing camera has jumped to 5 megapixels from a woefully inadequate 1.2 megapixels. The 6S is also capable of shooting 4K resolution video, while the iPhone 6 is limited to 1080p.

How do I make my camera quality better?

How to Change the Resolution on Your Android Tablet’s Camera

  1. Display the Camera app’s shooting modes.
  2. Touch the Settings icon.
  3. Choose Resolution & Quality.
  4. Choose a mode and a camera.
  5. Choose a resolution or video quality setting from the list.

What are the buttons on my iPhone 6?

Use the side, Home, and other buttons on your iPhone

  • Sleep. On iPhone 6 and later, press the side button to wake your iPhone or put it to sleep.
  • Ring/Silent. Use the ring/silent switch to mute sounds and alerts.
  • Volume up/down.
  • Home button/Touch ID.
  • Restart.
  • Siri.

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