FAQ: How To Embed Mobotix Camera?

Are MOBOTIX cameras Onvif compliant?

All MOBOTIX camera models and the video management system MxManagementCenter are conform to ONVIF standards.

What is MOBOTIX camera?

MOBOTIX provides high-quality video surveillance systems that ensure comprehensive security in a modern, networked world. Fields of application include most demanding security areas like prisons, airports or soccer stadiums because MOBOTIX systems have no restrictions in terms of number of users or cameras.

How do I make my Mobotix camera default?

Reset camera to factory default from the web interface

  1. Access the camera via browser.
  2. Open the Admin Menu and scroll down to the Configuration section and click on Reset configuration to factory defaults.
  3. A new window will be open.
  4. Click the Reset button.
  5. Camera has loaded the Factory defaults.

Where are Mobotix cameras made?

All MOBOTIX solutions are manufactured and hand-tested in Germany; feature low failure rates and exceed product warranty standards. MOBOTIX cameras also support H. 264 and ONVIF standards to enable integration into third-party systems. For more information, visit www.mobotix.com.

Does Germany have CCTV?

Video surveillance in public areas is permitted pursuant to section 6b German Federal Data Protection Act, in so far as it is necessary to pursue rightful interests for precisely defined purposes and if there are no indications that the data subjects’ legitimate interests prevail.

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How do I reset my MOBOTIX camera without the admin password?

MOBOTIX has not way to access your password as there are no backdoors in our cameras. Therefore if you forget or lose your camera password please contact your installer/distributor to start an RMA process. They will require the camera’s factory ip address which can be found on a sticker to process the RMA.

What is MOBOTIX default password?

“meinsm “ is the factory default password for any MOBOTIX camera.

What is the default password for AXIS Camera?

Axis: Traditionally root/pass, new Axis cameras require password creation during first login (note that root/pass may be used for ONVIF access, but logging into the camera requires root password creation) Basler: admin/admin.

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