So glad to receive a comment (seen below) from Brian at Tamrac. They’re not out the game yet!

They’re currently undertaking some changes and are powering ahead. To quote the blog post linked to us: “Operations will continue normally; orders will be fulfilled and service to customers will continue uninterrupted.”

To read up more, visit their blog.


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The photography industry is getting tough. And not just for photographers.

Tamrac Logo

Tamrac Logo

VOTogs learned today that Tamrac, arguably one of the most recognised brands in camera cases throughout the world, may soon become a brand of the past. Tamrac is responsible for producing some of the best camera bags around since 1977, when the company was started by photographers looking for an easier and safer way to carry their equipment while in the outdoors and performing wildlife photography.

They filed for bankruptcy early in the week (on January 6, 2014).

It’s very sad to be reporting this. Not quite the exclusive with which VOTogs were hoping to start the year. But with the shift in attitudes towards photography and the effects of the Global Financial Crisis still in effect, we just hope that others can continue to ride out this storm. We wish the team from Tamrac all the very best.

A plea to our readers: please support your favourite brands.


3 thoughts on “UPDATED! | The Fall [and Rise] Of Tamrac

  1. So sad to hear this. I have travelled the world with a number of Tamrac bags and backpacks and to this day I have never had a seam, clasp, or zipper fail. Their quality is absolutely top notch. I sincerely hope that they can get through this and continue to make great bags.

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