Leaning Tower of Lume Cubes

Leaning Tower of Lume Cubes. (Supplied.)

So! I have been sick for weeks! As such, I almost missed reporting on this awesome piece of tech on Kickstarter!

What do you when you only have a mobile phone at your disposal and you need more light for a quick portrait? Or if you have a Go-Pro and you want to shoot some awesome action video at night? The team behind the Lume Cube pondered the same thing, and came up with a slick little device which pumps out 1500 lumens of light in either continuous video mode or burst flash mode controlled via Bluetooth with your smart phone. This versatile light source is small enough — with the device encased in a water resistant silicone shell and only measuring 1.5” — to fit in your pocket or bag without any major inconvenience.

While I was in Melbourne, I met up with Nathan Oxley and Matt Johnston from IC12, the electronics and design firm behind the Lume Cube, and had a chance to play with the bright little light.

My impressions?

This is a small, sturdy little light that sure packs a blinding punch. It feels solid in the hand, with the silicone shell allowing it a little bit of bounce, and the unit has the ability to be placed almost anywhere. It has a suction cap for sticking to glass and a magnet to stick to metal surfaces. It also has a standard ¼”-20 threaded screw-thread in the base, so you can attach it to a light stand or mount. Very handy. The ability to control multiple units independently from your mobile device is also great — want a light on the side slightly bright than the other? It all happens with the slide of a finger across your mobile phone.

The Lume Cube App: Power at your fingertips! (Supplied.)

The Lume Cube App: Power at your fingertips! (Supplied.)

My interest was not limited to mobile devices or Go-Pro use, as I only have an old iPhone and do not own a Go-Pro, but rather whether this could be used in other situations. With the on-board optical sensor, you can configure the Lume Cube as a slave unit to be triggered by external flashes, making it potentially great for adding just a tiny bit of rim light to a subject, highlight smaller elements of your image, or perhaps some flare to the background of an image.

A final edit of a photo lit with the Lume Cube.(Supplied.)

A final edit of a photo lit with the Lume Cube.(Supplied.)

A while back, now, we highlighted an awesome Kickstarter campaign for the LED Light Cube. In fact, we were so impressed, we had him pop on our second (and last) podcast. The company has a proven track-record, producing a great product with the LED Light Cube (which we hope to maybe test sometime in 2015) and running a highly successful Kickstarter campaign for it.

While the Lume Cube has well and truly passed its target, it is not too late to support the Lume Cube and secure yourself a great product! With just 3 days left on the campaign, don’t waste any time and pop on over to Kickstarter now and pledge your support! Having already had a play with the Lume Cube, I know that this is one campaign that will be delivering a great product as soon as possible!



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