Last year, we looked at the use of crowdfunding with the LED Light Cube. That project reached double its initial target and the development has been aided dramatically by this funding.

One thing we love at VOTogs and want to highlight is the good that photography and photographers provide to others. Crowdfunding can be used to help launch products, even allow artists to have an exhibit or publish a book of photos. But what about using it to make a REAL difference in our world?


For years, I (Peter) have followed Brooke Shaden on Flickr and Twitter, always finding her photographs inspirational and her blogs informative. She is a photographer that has always seemed to give more to the photographic community than just amazing images.

I saw a tweet from Brooke the other night at 4:30am before trying to sleep:


This crowdfunded project aims to build a photography school and studio in Kolkata, India, for survivors of human trafficking.

This project is important. It isn’t a project that just provides an education in photography, but it offers so much more. It teaches technical skills which enables the school’s students to use photography to gain confidence, share stories, and provide life-long skills which can help provide careers.

The most beautiful thing? I believe this is just the beginning…

When I checked out the project I honestly wished I had $1000 right now, because I would throw it at this project purely for the reward on offer.

Regardless, as a human being, what is on offer for just donating some money, be it $1 or $10 or $1000, and helping get this off the ground is reward enough. I’m throwing some money at this project because, well, what an AMAZING project this is. Selfless, giving, and beautiful, this project needs to happen. And we hope you will support it.


Please visit the Indiegogo Page now and consider contributing to this project.


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