Adobe's New Photographer's Plan

Adobe’s New Photographer’s Plan

Today, Adobe launches a series of major updates to its Creative Cloud apps. Beyond this, they also reveal significant new releases, further cementing its place as the as the leader in innovation of products for professional creatives. It is little wonder that there are now over 2.3million Creative Cloud subscriptions. Am I excited? Damn straight I am!

The most significant announcement, in my opinion, is the announcement that a Creative Cloud Photographer’s Plan is here to stay at US$9.99/month. That’s incredible value when you consider that, for less than the price of a cup of coffee each week, you are getting the desktop applications of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, along with the mobile apps for Lightroom (for both iPad and iPhone) and the new Adobe Photoshop Mix, an iPad app which packs a whole lot of punch.

The integration between apps via the Creative Cloud technology is beyond amazing. You can seamlessly change between devices and continue your work, using each device where it excels. Want fine precision selection work, use the new iPad app Photoshop Mix and the new Adobe hardware devices, Ink (stylus) and Slide (digital ruler), make your selections and create masks and layers, and then shift over to Photoshop CC 2014 on desktop to do the heavy lifting with its brand new blur filters. This all seems too good to be true.

Export your work from Adobe Photoshop Mix for iOS to desktop applications.

Export your work from Adobe Photoshop Mix for iOS to desktop applications.

Chere here for a more detailed outline of the photography software relevant announcements by our friends at, along with details about Adobe’s new hardware release. Go have a look.



Meanwhile, I’ll be here waiting for Adobe’s website to catch up and let me subscribe to the Cloud…

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