And the weeks go by…

If you are behind in your photos, do try to catch up! We have a competition coming up in Week 13. To be in the running, you have to have completed every week’s challenge since (and including) Week 2. One lucky person who has done so will be drawn from ‘a hat’ and win an awesome ThinkTankPhoto Turnstyle 5 bag!

You will still be eligible regardless of when your entries were taken/posted. If you’re late to join, but have caught up and still have every week completed, you’re eligible. Get to it!

(Those with combined Week 1/2 entries will be included in this round, but you MAY want to catch up so you have 52 Portraits at the end. You don’t have to if you choose not to, but it’s just a gentle nudge as something to consider.)

Don’t forget to add your images to the Flickr group or Facebook group! If they’re not in the groups, we can’t count them! We’re looking at you, lurkers!


Editor’s note: it is almost 5am, and I am lazy. No picture embeds tonight. Sorry. -O.

Kevin said this:

Week 9. Apparently that’s what we are wrapping up this week.

As you guys might have read, things have been just a little busy on my end of town. Suddenly there are so many more hours to my day and none of them are particularly productive on the photography front. Actually I lie a little here, the camera is seeing a lot of use just not for selfies.

You might have heard on the grapevine, we welcomed a new rather junior VOTogs, Emrys Cheng, last week. We are all adjusting to the new little bundle of joy, particularly the three and a half year old who absolutely adores his little brother but struggling with the concept that he really is not the center of the universe.

This week for me has got to be the double trouble team. Jenn Russo channeling Elton John and the hilarious expression on Alea Schroeder’s face. Well done ladies.

After my two part “From the Trenches” article, I find myself in a position I have been many times before. A couple of weeks behind and the project threatening to get away from me. I have given the Lines theme two goes already and neither of them have panned out. Right now I have absolutely no idea about Glasses or Red. However I am determined to catch up, it might take another week or so but I will get there.

So Peter, I have at least a decent excuse … what’s yours? ;)


Kevin said it all, so Peter only added this:

From smiley faces made from glasses and headphone cords, to safety glasses, fun at the beach and in the bath (Wait, what?), the use of glasses was great. It was great to see people use reflections so well, but also reflect personality.

I have fallen another week behind, but I am catching up this week. I am not going to allow myself to be overwhelmed by the fact I am behind, and rise to the challenge this week! Expect more from me this week!


We’re in Week 10 and we are concentrating on the colour Red. Red is my favourite colour. It is a colour with so many implications, emotions, meanings and contradictions. How will you use red in your Selfie?


Week 11 we want you to consider Technology. Technology is EVERYWHERE. It is an integral part of our lives. Our cameras, computers, phones, watches, televisions, music, every element of our being boils down to the use of technology. How will you feature technology in your image?


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


*Cardboard glasses in a fridge need not be entered.

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