Without the ongoing promise of the Community Wrap… I have nothing to write here… Soooooo, I’m just going to keep eating my chocolate…

In the mean time, on with the wrap!

Kevin said:

I am sure no one will mind me starting this week’s wrap tonight with a “Vale Robin Williams”? A giant cut down by the indiscriminate black dog. For me, his most memorable performance is not one of his many many brilliant and hilarious comedic routines, but the dark fantastical What Dreams May Come. I only ever managed to watch it once in the cinemas, it reached out to me in a way that is indescribable, raw and personal. Rest in peace, Genie.

Onto the wrap, I gave my concept a good go last night but failed miserably. In the end time and battery life both went against me. I got a Plan B but I just haven’t had the time to try it.

This week’s theme has given everyone grief it seems. But the submissions are all about clever and different. Both David and Bob have went with food for thought. Emilee changed her hair colour and added temporary eye patches. Mel’s cream puff gives me lactose intolerance just from looking at it.

Barbara Nicholas: Week 32

Barbara Nicholas: Week 32

In the end, Barb’s bamboo steamer and dumpling won my stomach over. Mind. Heart. One of those. Good work with the triptych too Barb!


Peter said:

Man, Robin Williams. I woke up yesterday to a world without him and, you know, it feels more empty than it did before. I adored the man’s work. As a child, I loved Aladdin, with the crazy antics of Genie; Dead Poet’s Society was what started an idealised dream of becoming an English teacher; I watched Bicentennial Man and Good Will Hunting in awe and Insomia and One Hour Photo with just a touch of fear; and I had many a laugh with my best mate as we watched his stand-up on more than one occasion or rewatched that episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Many of William’s DVDs are in my collection. And, from a photographer’s point of view, he was someone who showed a whole range of emotion in one image. In fact, it was not all that long ago when someone asked which celebrities I’d like to shoot if given the chance, Robin Williams was one I mentioned. His loss is tragic, but we are left with two things. We have an amazing body of work, many films which will stand the test of time. But we are also left with an important reminder to look out for each other.

So, this week I published the handy little guide to Double Exposures. If you’ve not read it already, make sure you pop over and have a read. I’ve also been busy altering things on the site to help long-term. Plus working on other content. Wee! Exciting times!

Emilee Pitkin: Week 32

Emilee Pitkin: Week 32

Emilee takes my pick of the pics this week. It caught my eye with a delightful splash of colour and it was clever use of food in a non-conventional (i.e. eating) way. Great work everyone with what was, in the end, a tough theme.


Week 33 we are seeing double! Yup, Week 33 is a Technical Challenge and we want to see some Double Exposures. You can check out our helpful guide to Double Exposures here. Whether created in camera or in post-production, we’re looking forward to seeing the ghostly world of Double Exposures.


Week 34 we are throwing down the theme Seasons #1. I add the #1 there because, as you might guess, this theme will return later in the year. Take your portrait in the fading light of summer or the dying days of winter. (But be prepared to do the reverse come December!) It’s a nice broad theme for you to do as you wish, so how will you portrait your current season?


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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