VoTogs' Week 26 Give away!

VoTogs’ Week 26 Give away!

The community wrap is coming… NEXT WEEK!

Oh, we have an awesome piece of equipment to give away! We’ll announce exactly what it is come the community wrap, but some of you may have already figured out what it is…

In the mean time, on with the wrap!


Kevin said:

Where are we? Ah yes week 30. I have recovered from my attempt to throw in the towel … it’s the on-going thing working with Peter … I am sure you all understand. ;) Incidentally I found out afterwards my life insurance *wasn’t* actually quite up to date. Oops.

It’s great to see a few catch up photos, all of them would have definitely merited a mention in their respective weeks. Keep up the good work guys! Yes, even you Peter.

Adriana Glackin: Week 30

Adriana Glackin: Week 30

Bags was an open theme, again David’s set the pace (see what I did there?) early in the week. I like the out of the box thinking by Emilee and Susan, but I was blown away by Adriana’s very creative take and skillful drawing.

We are well over the halfway mark now and we only have a few regulars managing to keep up. I know a few members have personal reasons to be behind. If anyone is struggling for ideas, or need a push, don’t be afraid to sing out.


Peter said:

The Bag. I have bags under my eyes from poor sleep. Do they count? I guess they could…

Another week of great images. Good to see everyone throwing their bag on their back and getting a shot. Also lovely to see a few faces return for catch up shots. Also nice to have taken a few photos myself the last couple of weeks. Slowly, but I am catching up.

Emilee Pitkin: Week 30

Emilee Pitkin: Week 30

Emilee was my pick of the pics this week. A lovely image in subdued black and white. I perhaps would’ve liked the contrast boosted a little, but that’s my personal preference. What I really dig about this image is that it isn’t just a bag, but the symbolism that goes along with it. Carrying and dragging along that baggage, trying to decorate it with ribbon and make it look pretty for the world. There is a believable narrative in this image, and that, to me, is where the best photographs come from.

Side note: It’s nice Kevin didn’t suffocate…


Week 31 sees a very simple theme, one with countless possibilities, one which will have you searching for a unique take on a key part of photography. Light. We want you to search for and use light in a unique way. Sure, every image has light within it — it’s how the image is imprinted on film or the sensor — but we want you to really think about light, how it can work within your image and how it can weave through it.


Week 32 has me hungry for some great images. So, the theme? Food! Take a bite and show us your best.


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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