VoTogs' Week 26 Give away!

VoTogs’ Week 26 Give away!

The community wrap is coming…

Oh, we have an awesome piece of equipment to give away! We’ll announce exactly what it is come the community wrap, but some of you may have already figured out what it is…

In the mean time, on with the wrap!


Kevin said:

Elements. I wrote the blurb on the brief, so naturally I took an alternative approach to it. Yeah I cheated a little but that is the perks of the job.

I have to say, Peter has been anticipating this brief all year. I love the concept because it has so many possibilities to explore.

First of all I am giving Susan a round of golf clap for technically being able to incorporate all four of the classical Greek elements in the same shot.

Bob gets a round of applause for an excellent attempt at air, David who’d make Cirque de Soleil proud with his ability to balance rocks. It seems we have a group of Naiads here at #VoTogs52, quality work with water.

29/52 --- I Set Fire To The Rain? [Elements]

Peter Bower: Week 29

This week I am totally throwing in the towel on breaking rules. Peter’s effort at Neanderthal is nothing short of stunning, and to think he managed that shot solo, and it’s a strictly single pass only. He might be well and truly behind in the project, but damn that is quality work.


Peter said:

Elements. Regardless of your views on the world, everything around us is made up of or influenced by elements. Be they ‘natural’, spiritual, scientific, or otherwise, elements help form the world around us.

A few people are a little AWOL presently. I’m not going to be the kettle that calls the pot black, but we miss you and hope you return soon! Though, trust me, I know how life gets in the way! It felt beyond good to get an image in on time this week. I’m lacking a little in motivation, but I’m getting my stuff together and getting things done.

Adriana Glackin: Week 29

Adriana Glackin: Week 29

Adriana again floored me with what one can do with an iPhone. Perfect light, composition and capture of the water. A beautiful portrait.


Week 30 is another Prop Week! And we’re sure you have this one in The Bag! This week in the group we’ve been quizzed about camera bags. We were contemplating themes, and thought “Why not run with it?” You don’t have to show us what’s in your bag, or even your camera bag, but we want a bag of some sort to feature.


Week 31 sees a very simple theme, one with countless possibilities, one which will have you searching for a unique take on a key part of photography. Light. We want you to search for and use light in a unique way. Sure, every image has light within it — it’s how the image is imprinted on film or the sensor — but we want you to really think about light, how it can work within your image and how it can weave through it.


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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