Quarterly wrap details will be coming soon. We have a cool prize to give away, too, which will also be announced soon!

It’s never too late to join the fun! Don’t to add your images to the Flickr group or Facebook group! If they’re not in the groups, we can’t count them! We still have a number of lurkers in the group; if you’re participating but have not been posting, please do so now so that we can include you!

On that note, we will soon be cleaning out the group of people who have never posted an image. If you started, you can stay. But, ideally, we want to form a community. We’re friendly, so please get involved!


Kevin said:

Wrap night again already! My weeks are sinking to a new low at the moment, I ended up taking my silhouette shot just to clear my mind a bit. I swear I am going crack open whiskies when I clear this hurdle.

This week saw a few murderous intent in the takes and outtakes, I am not going to name the perps, you know who you are.

Robert Woods: Week 25

Robert Woods: Week 25

For me its hands down Bob’s photo. Cracker of a shot and totally nailed it. Persistence and determination pays off for you, your shots have been improving week on week.


Peter said:

This week was a highlight for the 52 Selfies for me.

Why? Because of the photo the Kevin shared as his pick. Bob absolutely smashed his image out of the park; every week he has been building, getting different elements right, while missing others, but this week he did his research, he explored a whole bunch of set ups, and took a lot of photos. The final one? An absolute killer! And this is the reason I wanted to run the 52 through VoTogs; to help people develop their photography. It’s heartening to see people learning from things we’re sharing, but also teaching themselves, and the results are visible in everybody’s work!

Bob’s image wasn’t the only highlight this week. There were great photos right round! Every image submitted this week I looked at and thought “That’s pretty damn cool!” Everyone seems to be stepping up to the plate and really knocking their shots out of the park. Massive kudos to Kevin, too, who, again, took shots, ran them by me, and begrudgingly reshot when I told him to try again. A fantastic image as the result.

Courtney Laura: Week 25

Courtney Laura: Week 25

And yet another stand out for this week was Courtney’s image, who, similarly, took one of her best images as a lone figure on an eerie train station platform. Some might argue that it wasn’t a selfie because she didn’t take it, per se, but this is a great example of a Voice Activated Shutter Trigger that I mentioned a while back. Courtney set the shot up, by instructing the ‘shutter clicker’ what to do, where to stand, how to compose and expose the photo, and the resulting image is a great selfie. Lovely work!


Week 26 is the halfway mark! Huzzah! We want to give you some options, some choice, and plenty of interpretations this week. The theme is The Seven Deadly Sins. Yup, we decided to throw a curve ball, ask people to consider a little bit of story telling and fiction (or maybe not?) in their image, and share with us a self-portrait featuring one of the Seven Deadly Sins (wrath, avarice, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony).


For Week 27, the theme is Freedom! What will you do? You’re your own boss! (Still not ours, though…)


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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