The week of sleep… yeah, that hasn’t happened for me!

Meanwhile, Week 26 (the half way point) is rapidly approaching! Stay tuned for details! But you will have to be FULLY up to date to be considered in the draw! So, start catching up if you’re behind!

It’s never too late to join the fun! Don’t to add your images to the Flickr group or Facebook group! If they’re not in the groups, we can’t count them! We still have a number of lurkers in the group; if you’re participating but have not been posting, please do so now so that we can include you!


Kevin said:

Sleep; every time I type that word, I get that little red squizzle under it. I roughly get about 5 hours of that a night at the moment, give or take. Coffee is my BFFF fo sho!

I had visions to be fully caught up this week, then I goes and break the prop I have been saving for ages … I ain’t happy about it, but Mr 3.5 will certainly be when he discovers that the chocolate egg is open slather now. There WAS no Plan B!

Adriana Glackin: Week 22

Adriana Glackin: Week 22

This week my pick goes to Adriana, who surely must be the poster girl for proof that it does not take an expensive camera to take awesome photos (just an expensive phone). Week after week Mrs G impresses with what she achieves with a photo taken on an iPhone and edited on an iPad.


Peter said:

Can I wake up yet? Wait, I’m still yet to sleep… and egg, and serendipitise, and a couple of others. Shh. Almost free of extra boarders, then I can (re)clean my workspace, and get back to it! (That said, this week I did review the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM | A and LumoPro LP180 quad-sync manual flash… so it’s not like I did nothing. Just none of my selfies. More reviews coming this week!)

As for Kevin saying he is getting five hours… I envy the man! His five hours are at a decent hour! I get to sleep approximately 6am at the moment, am woken multiple times by children, and get between 4 and 6 hours of broken sleep! Granted, I do have the luck of being able to catch up once or twice a week. Anyway, catch up is in progress! Literally!

Barbara Nicholas: Week 22

Barbara Nicholas: Week 22

Again, another great week. Kevin for me is stepping up his game, week in, week out (unlike me, who just isn’t posting… week in, week out…). It’s fun for me to watch him grow so quickly as this project progresses, and hear him berate me every step for making him do self-portraits all year! Another fantastic photo by Susan, too, with a solid attempt at some star trails. Plus some clever word play by Bob Woods with using sleepers in his image! But my pick this week goes to Barbara’s late addition to the group. It was really refreshing for me late in the evening to see such a simple image layered with so much narrative going beyond just showing someone dozing off. Love it!


Week 23 is prop week! We want you to use Ribbon in your image. Raid the sewing cabinet or head to the store to buy some. Let’s see some ribbon in your images!


Week 24 we want you to consider Ritual. What will you make of it? Entirely up to you! Enjoy!


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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