This week is about sleep… I am writing this after 4am, so clearly sleep isn’t something that comes easily to me. Mmm, I could nap about now.

It’s never too late to join the fun! Don’t to add your images to the Flickr group or Facebook group! If they’re not in the groups, we can’t count them! We still have a number of lurkers in the group; if you’re participating but have not been posting, please do so now so that we can include you!


Kevin said:

It looks like everyone had a bit of fun this week with the diptych / triptych theme. We got everything from Courtney going ginger, to Mary Poppins in the outtake.

Nice to see some catch up photos, too. Relax everyone, it is not Peter.

Emily Pitkin: Week 21

Emily Pitkin: Week 21

I am picking Emilee this week for the hilarious expressions. It was most certainly one way to compose a triptych: the many faces of Emilee.

Now that everyone knows about diptych and triptych, I hope this is not the only time you will apply it in this Project 52.


Peter said:

Well, things keep getting busier! Still have house guests, have started writing for another publication on top of VOTogs stuff, and I’ve been doing plenty of client work. Busy, busy!

That said, I want to say “Ner!” to Kevin, as I just uploaded my diptych! I’m trying!

Veronica Brownie: Week 21

Veronica Brownie: Week 21

I changed my mind for this week’s choice a dozen times. I have decided, finally, to choose Veronica’s image. I thought about heading to the beach for my photo, too. I love the three photographs used in this image, particularly the inclusion of the fish. I love triptychs that are composed like this. For me, a triptych is a lot like a haiku. When writing haiku, it’s not just writing something with 17 syllables over three lines. There’s a lot of strict rules to be applied, such as the inclusion of the kigo (a word or phrase signifying a a season, drawn from the saijiki, an extensive but defined list) and a kireji (a ‘cutting’ word used at the end of one of the verse’s three phrases used to break the stream of thought while reading the poem). This image is full of lovely seasonal tones and the fish are a great cutting image to create a pause while viewing the image.

So, sleep. What is that? I feel I’m at a disadvantage this week!


Week 22 sees me tired. I’m writing this at 5am. So, you know what I need? Sleep. A nap? A heavy slumber? A lack there of? No more needs to be said.


Week 23 is prop week! We want you to use Ribbon in your image. Raid the sewing cabinet or head to the store to buy some. Let’s see some ribbon in your images!


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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