Did you see our review of the new MindShift FirstLight outdoor camera backpack? No? Check it out!

Just finished editing the audio for the wrap for V3 Challenge #2: Panning and Movement! There’s a lot of great information in there; can’t wait to share!

Also, as you may have noticed, we have rebranded! We are now #VoTogsWeekly. A weekly challenge for you to get your camera out and get creative! Participate every week, or just time to time, but come join us! The rules are still the same regarding prizes, so check out our post if you’re interested in winning some goodies!

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Week 28: Low Light. (C) Kevin Cheng.

Week 28: Low Light. (C) Kevin Cheng.

For Week 28 we challenge you to capture something in Low Light.

Inside or out, city scape or portrait or whatever you like, we want you to capture an image in low light. Make it dark, moody, intense. Capturing something in low light means finding an available light source (a street lamp, for example, or stage lighting at a concert, or even the moon) and working it to your advantage. You might have to boost your ISO really high, so don’t be surprised if there is a lot of grain in your photo. Make it work for you.

Landscape, portrait, self portrait, abstract or otherwise, take any photo you like with the theme in mind!


Week 28 goes from the 9th of July until the 15th of July.

Swing by on the 16th of July for Week 28’s theme!


Keep in mind the Rules and you can find all the themes (well, when I update them all tomorrow) >>HERE<<

Finally, join our new forums and remember to post your weekly entry in the thread over there!

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