Weeeeeeeeeeeeek 7.

It is hard to believe that six full weeks of 2015 have gone already. Actually, I’m still getting used to writing 2015…

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This past couple of weeks have been crazy busy. But the great news is we are now proudly sponsored by ThinkTankPhoto! So now is as good a time as any to join us! We don’t mind that we are about to start Week 7; the more the merrier! Join in, catch up if you so wish (do read the rules, though!) and have some fun while challenging yourself! So jump over to the forums and sign up!

#VoTogs52: Nightscape. (C) Peter Bower.

#VoTogs52: Nightscape. (C) Peter Bower.

Week 7 is about steadying your camera and capturing a beautiful Nightscape.

For this week, we are limiting what you can do, somewhat, by requesting you capturing a Nightscape. To explain, we want you to capture a landscape or cityscape (i.e. a view of the city) taken at night. The focus should be the view, rather than an individual or prop. For the purposes of this challenge, we consider night to be once the sun has sunk completely below the horizon, the colourful glow vanished and darkness seeping in. You will possibly need to steady your camera and play with some long exposures to complete this task. We also suggest you perhaps ask a friend or partner to venture out with you while you capture your photo, just for safety. Any questions? Pop on over to the forums and ask away!

Need some tips on how to steady your camera? Pop on over here!


Week 7 goes from the 12th of February until the 18th of February.

Swing by on the 19th of February for Week 8’s theme!


Keep in mind the Rules and you can find all the themes >>HERE<<

Finally, join our new forums and remember to post your weekly entry in the thread over there!

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