#VoTogs52: Blue. (C) Kevin Cheng.

#VoTogs52: Blue. (C) Kevin Cheng.

So this is Week 6! Eek! In true VoTogs style, Kevin and I haven’t finalised the first monthly wrap yet. We have some things happening which we may go into soon!

But, to everyone else, it is not too late to join us for this challenge! Jump over to the forums and introduce yourself. Then have a go at this this week’s theme and, when you have time, catch up on the other! Join us!

Week 6 is focused on the colour Blue. Blue is an interesting colour; it often portrays nostalgia, trust, loyalty and peace. It can also be indicative of sadness and wide open spaces.

Take a photo in any style you like — self portrait, portrait, landscape, etc — but you are to explore “Blue” in your image. Something blue should be a feature in your image or you could consider other ways to portray blue in your image. As exhibited by Peter’s “Red” self-portrait last year, there can be many ways to interpret a colour. This is a nice open theme that allows you the chance to practice your use of techniques in your image before we drop another on you soon!


Week 6 goes from the 5th of February until the 11th of February.

Swing by on the 12th of February for Week 7’s theme!


Keep in mind the ‘Rules‘ and you can find all the themes >>HERE<<

Finally, join our new forums and remember to post your weekly entry in the thread over there!