#VoTogs52: Leading Lines. (C) Peter Bower.

#VoTogs52: Leading Lines. (C) Peter Bower.

It’s never too late to join us in our 52! Jump over to the forums and introduce yourself. Then have a go at this this week’s theme and, when you have time, catch up on the first three challenges! We would love to have you join us!

Week 4 you are to consider Lines in your photograph. Now, there are two possibilities with doing this. You can use lines in the loose sense — a dress with stripes, the lines on paper, etc, or even a crazy mess of lines creating a cool pattern — or, if you want to challenge yourself, consider Leading Lines.

Much the same as The Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines are a compositional tool that can be used to create more engaging photos. They do NOT need to be employed in every photo, but they are definitely worth keeping them in mind, as if lines lead the wrong way, they can distract or ruin an image.

Want to learn more about Leading Lines? Check out our article over here!


Week 4 goes from the 22nd of January until the 28th of January.

Swing by on the 29th for Week 5’s theme!


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