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Week 20! Means it’s the final week before the next monthly wrap! Eek!? Still trying to tee up times where everyone is free for the quarter wrap; we’ve not forgotten, don’t worry!

Don’t forget to check out our 2nd V3 Photo challenge! It’s a ripper!


Week 20 sees you complete the phrase The Secret Life Of…

A wildly open theme which allows you to explore anything you so wish. Delve into the hidden worlds, secrets, make-believe, history, fiction or truths. Open to any style of photography you wish, as long as it completes the phrase “The secret life of…” This is a perfect chance to explore some of the previous things you’ve learned throughout the challenge. How will you answer the brief?


Week 20 goes from the 14th of May until the 20th of May.

Swing by on the 21st of May for Week 21’s theme!


Keep in mind the Rules and you can find all the themes >>HERE<<

Finally, join our new forums and remember to post your weekly entry in the thread over there!

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