Peter Bower: Week 2

#VoTogs52: The Rule of Thirds. (C) Peter Bower.

We have seen the return of some familiar faces and seen some new arrivals. All very exciting as our community continues to grow!

If you’re new to the challenge, don’t worry! You can catch up, we won’t mind!

Week 2 we are going to challenge you think about the composition in your photo carefully by asking you to employ The Rule of Thirds. Take a photo of anything you like, be it a portrait or a landscape or anything of your choosing, but it must employ the rule.

Don’t worry, it’s not too scary! Find a handy article over here!

Now, naturally, The Rule of Thirds is not something that has to be employed in EVERY photo. But it’s a great little rule of thumb to keep in mind when composing your images. And, as the saying goes, you need to know the rules to break them! As such, it’s something we feel you should learn about early if you don’t know about it already and, if you do know about it anyway, practice every now and then.


Week 2 goes from the 8th of January until the 14th of January.

Tune in on the 15th for Week 3’s theme!


Keep in mind the ‘Rules‘ and you can find all the themes >>HERE<<

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