Receive a FREE CAMERA BAG from Think Tank Photo

Oh boy! It’s Week 13!

Anyone know what that means?! Oh yeah! We are giving away a Think Tank Photo Turnstyle camera bag!

We have to finalise a few things and line up times and dates as to when we will be doing our thing, but I am sure you will love it when we do it! Huzzah!

We will announce a final date on the forums in a few days, but get started at catching up if you are behind. Remember, to be eligible for the bag you have to be fully up-to-date with all 13 photos from the first quarter and they must be posted on the forums to be in the running!

Don’t forget, it’s not too late for you to join the challenge!

Oh, and check out V3 Photo!


#VoTogs52: Water. (C) Peter Bower.

#VoTogs52: Water. (C) Peter Bower.

Week 13 is Prop Week! Well, of sorts… We want you to feature Water in your photograph somehow.

Water is such a crucial part of, well, survival. We don’t mind how the water features. Be it a glass of water or an ocean, a waterfall or falling rain, ice or steam, let’s see what you come up with!

Entirely up to you what you photograph — portrait, self-portrait, landscape, architectural, street, any style you like, as long as water is in there somewhere.


Week 13 goes from the 26th of March until the 1st of April.

Swing by on the 2nd of April for Week 14’s theme!


Keep in mind the Rules and you can find all the themes >>HERE<<

Finally, join our new forums and remember to post your weekly entry in the thread over there!

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