Think Tank Photo

Massive thanks to thinkTankphoto for making this possible!

Well, better late than never!

We managed to catch up with Simon Pollock to discuss a collection of images from throughout the first quarter of the #VoTogs52 Challenge. We chat (well, Kevin tries to chat while missing his front teeth…) about all kinds of things. We discuss what is working in photos, about different topics that pop up because of various photos, about what we’re drinking and all kinds of things.

Finally, we discover who Simon picks as the winner of the thinkTankphoto TurnStyle camera bag. Tune in below to find out who won!

As we mention in the video, recording this has been one thing after another. But we finally got there! After multiple attempts at recording, we managed to get together last week (and have since vowed to do it more regularly) and recorded this here wrap.

Our recording session went for about two and a half hours. We’re not subjecting you to that, though! We kept the entertaining, informative and educational stuff in there for you to enjoy. At least, we think we did!

A massive thanks once again to thinkTankphoto for supporting this project.

This is our first time playing with video, so be gentle. Enjoy!

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