The final one… for 2014!

Peter said:

The final weekly wrap. I was seldom on time. I didn’t complete the 52 myself (I made it to 30). But I had a great time running it and learned some things along the way myself.

Throughout the year, people have come and gone. Everyone, I think, has lingered, even when they haven’t managed to keep going week to week, and helped form a great little community, one that I hope will continue to grow. I’ve met some wonderful people, seen some great photography, and seen people grow as photographers as, I’d hope at least in part, a result of the 52. Thank you for coming on the journey with us!

So, only six made it. Dave, Bob, Courtney, Susan, Mel and, despite his protests at the start, Kevin. Every image by all six of these folk have been captivating — even those that missed their intended marks still hard elements that worked for them. And that’s what it’s about — working on parts until you tie everything together. And each and everyone of these produced images that wowed.

The final pick of the 2014 #VoTogs52. A really tough call. I enjoyed them all. Mel left me scratching my head. But who doesn’t love shots! Courtney created a storyboard of her New Year’s to round out a year of square crop images. Bob included the beautiful city of Newcastle at night along with himself, with, knowing how cheap our council is, probably the only firework to go up during the celebrations! Dave spent his Christmas / New Years celebrating from his sick-bed — considering that’s how I spent my November, a massive congratulations for sticking to it all and completing the task despite being so ill! And Susan embraced her selfie and produced a beautiful studio portrait to round out the competition. I like them all! Susan’s image definitely shows most just how much she has come since the start of the competition. Finally, Kevin. Well, I’m not saying much, but I’m sure all who have seen his image would agree that the man has style… and nothing between his ears!

So, my final pick for the 2014 challenge? Well, I’m just going to let you decide. All six images are great. And I can’t decide!

So, until, well, this year! 2015 VoTogs52, here we go!


Kevin said:

This is it. A little sadness but a whole sense of achievement for not just myself, but all the VoTogs52ers. Some of us finished, some didn’t. Either way it is still an incredible effort put in by everyone when life gets in the way. Thank you everyone for your efforts, it has been an absolute pleasure.

At the finishing post we have David, Bob, Susan, Mel and Courtney, who have always been our consistent performers in 2014. David you always manage to make me laugh with your take on things. Bob who consistently see things differently and have pulled off some absolute gems. Mel produced great photos each and every week. Courtney, a round of applause for doing it all on your iPhone.

Susan Swartz: Week 52

Susan Swartz: Week 52

Susan – what a journey! What an absolute pleasure to see you grow in confidence and skill in the last 52 weeks. Determination and tenacity has paid off, your final photo for 2014 really shows that you are confident in your own skin and ability. My question is, was this the original image you had in mind back at the start? I remember you saying you had planned your final image early on. Well done Susan, you get the final gong from me for 2014.


That’s it for the 2014 52 Selfies challenge! Now, we begin again! This year, a little different. Sign up to our new forums (still being tweaked each day!) and join our community. Great people, a fun challenge, and plenty to learn along the way!


You can find all of the ‘rules‘ and themes for 2014 #VoTogs52 Selfies project >>HERE<<!


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