I’m crazy busy with Christmas On Acacia! Check out the website to see what the hell I’m talking about! Sorry for the late wrap!

Kevin said:

Can you believe it? We are setting the last theme for 2014. It is kind of scary!

So who did frame Roger Rabbit? David framed himself in new make spirit and drank tea. Let me tell you, you haven’t drank tea until you have tried Soulful Organics. Susan showed us her fuzzy frame of mind, and Bob wants to capture his least favourite glasses for eternity.

Veronica Brownie: Week 50

Veronica Brownie: Week 50

Totally fell in love with Mel’s image. So much awesomeness, love the vintage treatment, the pose, the reflection. Every time I look at it, I find something else in the details. Fabulous job Mel!


Peter said:

Things for me to say… I am tired. That is about all. I have a bajillion things on right now and, as Kevin will attest to, I am behind on some very important things. Urgh. I did not need those weeks off sick.

Veronica Brownie: Week 50

Veronica Brownie: Week 50

I’m dropping a nod to Veronica/Mel’s image, too. A great image, with a subtle supernatural element and a lot of character brought through the props, the outfits, the posing, the composition, and the post-processing. Lovely work.

Oh! Expect questions later this week. Because we want to know things…


Week 51 is falling over Christmas / The Holiday Season. So, how do you celebrate? What do you do over the silly season? Keep in mind this is a slightly LONGER week, with it not ending until December 24. Our gift to you — a slight extension on this brief!


Week 52 will see us all recovering from eating too much food and preparing a Celebration to bring in a New Year! So that is our theme. Celebration! This is due on the 31st (though, if you’re keen to take your photo at midnight on NYE, we will allow it). Be it you celebrating the holidays or the new year or just finishing this project, show us your celebration! And prepare for 2015 ;)


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes for 52 Selfies >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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