I’m alive! Somewhat, anyway. It’s been an interesting few weeks. This thing is coming to a close. Rapidly. Means I don’t have time to do so many things! Eeek!

Kevin said:

I don’t know about you guys but I am knackered. I have gone through hell and back last two years, dragged myself kicking and screaming up to date with this project. There are only two more themes to set then it starts all over again because I am one half of VoTogs. Damn you Ginger.

Courtney Laura: Week 49

Courtney Laura: Week 49

Over here in the Southern hemisphere we are officially in summer mode. We got Bob in his thongs (that’s sandals, flip flops etc to the rest of you – was NOT his g-string, he can keep that private). Contrasting that we got Susan with her Australian Ugg boots (holiday souvenir was it?). I am picking Courtney for the splash of colour, and the lure of bikini chicks on the Australian beaches. Yep that has done me in.


Peter said:

The numbers have dwindled a little. I’m taking part responsibility for that! How can I expect people to keep up if I haven’t :/ But, I also know a number of people have had some things come up. Life things that get in the way and ruin the best laid plans.

Susan Swartz: Week 49

Susan Swartz: Week 49

Susan gets the nod for me. Man, I am so envious of anyone who gets to experience snow. Though, I guess anyone who gets lots of snow is probably envious of the weather we get here. Grass is always greener, huh?!


Week 50 is Framed. We are not looking for a regular frame added in post production. Frame your image with a doro frame, natural framing found in your environment, a prop, perhaps a more sinister view? Take it away, go all out, there are not too many themes left.


Week 51 is falling over Christmas / The Holiday Season. So, how do you celebrate? What do you do over the silly season? Keep in mind this is a slightly LONGER week, with it not ending until December 24. Our gift to you — a slight extension on this brief!


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes for 52 Selfies >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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