Week 41’s Wrap is here!

Been a massive week for Peter. Meeting Kevin to discuss VoTogs stuff. Met with Simon to discuss other photography stuff. Met with a client to discuss organic tea… Meeting with Nathan Oxley (check out our podcast with him) tomorrow to play with the LED Light Cube and his upcoming project (more on that soon)! And who knows who else he’ll meet with before he returns to Newcastle!?

But, for now… Here’s the wrap!

Kevin said:

Short and sweet from me tonight, I have hit the wall. Been sick and bedridden from last Thursday midday til basically get up for work Monday. I have managed to catch up with Ginger twice since, if that doesn’t infect him with either the flu, or the desire to take more photos, nothing is going to work. He does make a decent VAP, baby face and all.

Robert Woods: Week 41

Robert Woods: Week 41

Bob you got an old shot, but I like the whole Phil Collins thing going on. You’ve scored this week!


Peter said:

Big week. Tired. And Melbourne weather is, well, Melbourne weather.

Kevin Cheng: Week 41

Kevin Cheng: Week 41

I’m choosing Kevin this week. He told me of the plans for this photo the day before I met him, utilising the flood lights and headlights in a particular section of his parking garage. I acted as VAP (Voice-Activated Peter). I met up with him; he told me the settings, told me the composition he wanted, where to stand, and I just hit the shutter. Was great. Besides, the fact he could stand up was reason enough to him props for this week!


Week 42 we are taking inspiration from Peter and suggesting the theme On The Road Again! We’re not expecting you to drive two days to a new destination, but incorporate a lane, street, road, tarmac, car, or something to answer the theme in your image.


Week 43 the theme is based on Firsts. A nice, broad, open theme. A single word for you to incorporate into your image. Feel free to offer an explanation if it’s obvious. Enjoy!


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes for 52 Selfies >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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