Week 40! Peter is on the road; Kevin is probably too busy to see Peter when he gets there! But, surprisingly, the wrap is on time! SHOCK! HORROR!

Here’s the wrap!

Kevin said:

Onwards we march into the final quarter. Some of us marching more in tune than others, but it is the thought that matters yeah?

This week has been a massive struggle for me to get anything done. I got ideas but I don’t have time to shoot. No joy with one of the bubs feeling quite unwell again. I am quite ready for him to reboot his immune system post winter.

David Beach: Week 40

David Beach: Week 40

We finally got around to seeing where people hail from, and what a far flung group we have got. Courtney has some gorgeous light going on, Mel’s leading lines caught my eyes immediately, but David is after my heart with his image so this week is all his.

El ginger is on the road as we speak, and I am going to see if I can get more stuff done.


Peter said:

Ah, road trips. Always fun! Currently on my way to Melbourne with Mum. Hit the road at 10am; after a few stops and adventures along the way, we pulled up stumps and finally found decent accommodation at 8pm and food after 9pm. About 4 hours until we hit our destination tomorrow. Until then, I figure we will see at least another 100 dead kangaroos…

So, last week I posted three photos. So, now the true story / admission… It would have been four, with my “Where You’re From” image for this week… but I went out, found my location, in the dead of night, pulled out my camera… and discovered both my batteries were on the bench in the kitchen from charging. My bad!

Veronica Brownie: Week 40

Veronica Brownie: Week 40

I loved Veronica’s image this week. Beyond the lovely location which is clearly a local attraction, the leading lines of the image draw the eyes in and create a compelling image. The black and white works really well here, too, with the clothes complimenting the environment well. Great image.


Week 41 we want you to employ some Ghetto Lighting! For this, we want you to consider your lighting in your shot and add to it. No natural light shots, thanks. We know the sun is a giant light in the sky, but we want you to think ghetto. Car headlights, lamps, torches — anything that emits light that will add to the way your photo looks and feels is what we’re after. We’ll post a few examples later in the week.


Week 42 we are taking inspiration from Peter and suggesting the theme On The Road Again! We’re not expecting you to drive two days to a new destination, but incorporate a lane, street, road, tarmac, car, or something to answer the theme in your image.


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes for 52 Selfies >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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