Bucket. By the end of Week 36, many people were saying Bucket. At least I think that’s what they were saying…

Here’s the wrap!

Peter said:

Long overdue, this week I published my review on Moo Business Cards. If you need business cards, make sure you check out my review and sign up your new account after clicking through the link on our site, as it helps us out!

So, Bucket was fun, right?! WOO! Who else had fun!? What, I can’t comment because I haven’t taken my photo? Or have I? We’ll just have to wait until I’m home…

My #ALSIceBucketChallenge video is still coming, too. Didn’t quite get done editing it in time — I’ve had to strip some audio out, filter and edit it, and lay it over some other footage I took, because, well, is bad. It will be up hopefully Thursday night after I get home from my impromptu mid-week visit to Sydney. (I’ll send a virtual postcard?)

So, I know how you all felt about using a bucket. We’ll call this a bump in a long journey by Kevin and myself in coming up with a more workable theme. It was a tricky one to incorporate with your selfie. I enjoyed David’s multi-faceted take on the theme, by using both a real bucket and a bucket list; Susan showed us what she really thought; Veronica had a nice splash of red with her bucket in an otherwise yellowish studio; and Courtney showed us her bucket of pens.

I’m not nominating anyone from the Bucket theme this week. Instead…

Shanelle Kay: Week 12

Shanelle Kay: Week 12

I’m giving a shout out to Shanelle who is not only about to overtake me (such shame that I am so far behind in the 52 that I’m partly running) but doing so with fantastic images (and a few bonus goodies and outtakes). It’s also been enjoyable watching Shanelle try different styles and techniques along the way. A bonus shout to Alisha, too, who has this week embarked on catch-up with some gorgeous images. Always reaffirm why I’m such a fan of your photography.


Kevin said:

Cripes I am under the pump. A little behind the scenes, this is the first time all year that Peter’s wrote up his part of the wrap before me. I mean seriously, WTF is wrong with you Peter? :P

This week we see Shanelle take a serious run at this project with some fabulous entries, I am taking credit for that spurt with my standing offer of a drink when she smashes past El Ginger. Also Alisha getting in some quality photo in too. Nice work ladies! Susan made it explictly clear what she thought of this theme, message received loud and clear.

David Beach: Week 36

David Beach: Week 36

I think this week goes to David with his very neat handwriting, and his feeble attempt to improve his looks with the bucket over his head. Very clever take on the theme.

As for me, I have honestly not picked up my camera, or thought about a theme since I managed double exposure. It’s been crazy here and that’s about all I can say about it. On the bright side I have a very comfortable buffer over Peter, but yes I will keep the tortoise and hare in mind.


Week 37 we are using the website as inspiration! The theme is Down. Entirely up to you how you interpret this theme. I am leaving the theme brief at that!


Week 38 we want to go to the Dark Side and embrace your Hatred. Photography isn’t always about sunshine and roses and happiness. And while we checked out the Seven Deadly Sins, we want you to go dark this week. Find something you hate and show us. We want to feel some emotion in your work. What causes you to clench your fists at the mere thought?


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes for 52 Selfies >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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