Considering the issues we’ve had this week, I’m surprised I can actually type this…

Here’s the wrap!

Kevin said:

Right, website dramas on the back burner, thanks Peter for the efforts trying to resolve it. Obviously if we paid our bills, they would not have crippled our resources? Just kidding. It was a biatching DDoS session and like so many that I have dealt with in a previous life, their’s was a “No Help Desk”. Oh the joys of IT.

David Beach: Week 35

David Beach: Week 35

So it’s after 1am and being father of the year, I just remembered to do my son’s lunch. Got an early morning con-call so I am going to slam this together and skedaddle. It’s nice to see people using the techniques learned from previous weeks — that you Susan and you Bob — but don’t get too bog down with them either, k? David you got my pick this week, love the focus and composition, nice touch getting your head in the reflection too.

And a nod to Barbara, love the atmosphere in your shot.


Peter said:

What. A. Week. (But, hey, assuming the site remains up, I’ll finally be publishing my review of the Moo Business Cards in the next day!)

I will not say what I am really feeling right now, because it isn’t pleasant. David alerted me to the site being down the other night just after 1am. I spent the next 9 hours trying to determine what was going on with my server. The IT support crew at my provider were, well, less than helpful. In fact, I identified the initial problem (i.e. a mass DDoS attack — for those not in the know, a DDoS attack is essentially someone sending hundreds and hundreds of packets of data at the site constantly, trying to gain access and/or purely to bring it down). I beat the IT help in determining which site was being attacked. IT support agreed and started throwing suggestions at me (rather than fixing it at their firewall). In the end, a new IT guy came along and told me it was not a DDoS attack but rather was my fault… And, after having to take VoTogs offline for 48 hours so other client websites were not affected, I fixed the fault myself, with some trial and error work and a little direction from Udi from and Kevin. Is it fixed? Perhaps. Perhaps not. My server isn’t crashing presently, so that is a win.

There is a particular irony that the server crashed when it did. Here we are in “Music” week and, as a result of the server crashing and me working around the clock Tuesday/Wednesday to fix it, I missed the album launch of one of the best guitarists in Australia (Adam Miller) before fixing it just in time to catch my good friend Bob Corbett’s gig tonight. But, here I am, music blasting in my ears, writing a whole bunch of gibberish, mainly to fill in space since Kevin’s wrap this week looked so light. Or, perhaps, it is punchy. Who knows?

The photos for music were all great. I loved Bob’s rockabilly banjo playing. Susan’s definitely got the double exposure technique down pat with another great image. I am envious of Veronica’s trip to the Muddy Roots festival — that looks like fun! And, after making her wait for six months, Courtney’s image was well worth the wait — a lovely trip down technological memory lane with an all-encompassing view of how music consumes you. (Personally, my cassette collection mainly includes John Farnham, with the first cassette I bought being Peter Andre’s World Cup anthem Take It To The Top, and my vinyl includes Vangelis. And I am pretty sure at least myself and Bob have more than one of those CDs!)

Barbara Nicholas: Week 35

Barbara Nicholas: Week 35

My pick this week, though, goes to Barbara. I keep going back to this image. I love the beautiful burst light in this image, the old school player, the vinyl, and the lovely tones and treatment with the mild sepia. It is an image that drags me back to my childhood for some reason. Lovely.

Oh, yeah, I have done my #ALSIceBucketChallenge and donated (to MND Australia). I’ll post the video up sometime in the next few days once I have edited it. (I had to shoot with two cameras, and I will have to do something with the audio, due to the wind!)


Week 36 is prop-week! So, as some may know, this week Kevin performed the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. He called out Peter to perform it. Peter swore (another thing for the to-do list!), but put the idea in his head. This week’s theme is asking you to use a Bucket as your prop! Good luck with this one… Peter knows how he is using his!


Week 37 we are using the website as inspiration! The theme is Down. Entirely up to you how you interpret this theme. I am leaving the theme brief at that!


Keep in mind the ‘rules‘, note you can find all the themes for 52 Selfies >>HERE<< and have fun this week!


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