V3So, here we have the V3 Wrap for Panning + Motion.

The winner of this challenge will win a 12 month subscription to an Awesome account on 500px! We’re extremely grateful to 500px for their support of this challenge!

Within the video below, we have a whole bunch of awesome information and insight, so we hope you enjoy!

A massive thanks to our guest photographer, Robert Cianflone. Robert shoots for Getty Images, specialising in sports photography, and travels the world to capture the most important sporting events for widespread media coverage. In 2014 alone, he travelled the globe covering the Soccer World Cup, the Winter Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, plus also covering many domestic events within Australia. Chances are you have seen multiple of Robert’s photographs on front (and rear) pages of newspapers if you live in Australia, and possibly even if you live overseas.

He has an awesome Instagram feed you should follow, where he gives sneak peeks and behind-the-scene shots from major events, and you can also give him a follow over on Twitter.

Two last things before the video!


Firstly, check out V3 Photo Challenge #3!


Secondly, Robert has agreed to a Q&A from our readers! If you have any further questions on the panning technique, what it’s like to work full time as a sports photographer and travel the globe shooting some of the biggest sporting events in the world, and anything sports photography related, ask away!

We will be taking questions until the end of July (2015), so shoot them in via the comment section below or in this thread on the forums or on our Facebook or Twitter pages!


Now, onto the wrap!

Congratulations to our winner! I’ll be shooting you a message tomorrow, so keep an eye on your inbox!

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