Welcome to V3 Photo.

A guest photographer will set the challenge.

You have three weeks to complete this challenge.

Each challenge will have up to three requirements.

You may enter up to three photos.

You must take new photos to complete the challenge.

Everyone is welcome!


This challenge is proudly sponsored by 500px!

500px: Making VoTogs' V3 even more Awesome!

500px: Making VoTogs’ V3 even more Awesome!

When the challenge has been set, have a think about what you want to do, get out there and put your camera to good use, then share it on the forums! That simple!

If you post it to 500px or Flickr or whatever, feel free to add your photos to our groups and tag your image #VoTogsV3.

After each challenge is complete, we will be going through the submissions on the forums and featuring a number of them and choosing our favourite. Our guest photographer will also be sharing some thoughts on the submissions! Huzzah!

Did we mention the prize?!

The winner of each brief, as chosen by Peter, Kevin and our guest photographer, will win a year subscription to an AWESOME account at 500px, valued at USD$75! This allows you to upload unlimited photographs, have unlimited sets, see advanced statistics, and even have a personalised portfolio and custom domain support! That’s right, you could use this as your own website! AND, with 500px Prime, you can license your photos and earn some pretty awesome money off your work.

Buckle up and strap in to V3!



1) You do not need to have completed previous challenges to enter the current one.

2) There are no set dates for when challenges will be released (but hopefully it will be the start of each month). You will have three weeks from when a challenge is set to complete the task.

3) You MUST take a new photograph. No old photos are to be submitted. When posting your images, please make them publicly available (if on 500px, Flickr, etc) and make EXIF data available. If they are old photos, they will not be looked at for purposes of featuring within posts. Failure to have EXIF data available may see them disqualified.

4) You must post your images on the forums to be considered for any prizes (see Rule 9).

Regardless of which photo hosting service you are using, please make sure your images are posted at a large size (or, if you are posting smaller sizes, ensure a larger version is made public and link through to it). Images must be at a reasonable size for judging consideration for prizes and for inclusion in wraps.

Feel free to add them to our 500px group or Flickr group and tag them #VoTogsV3!

5) Please keep your images tasteful. There is a NFSW tag on the forums that will hide your image if you are concerned. VoTogs reserves the right to remove any post/image that is considered offensive.

6) Feel free to complete old challenges after their completion date, but they will not be considered for anything. Though, we are sure they will be appreciated by other users!

Prize T&Cs

7) We perform what we call ‘wraps’, during which the VoTogs team discuss images.

During this, there will be editor’s choice photos shared and published on our site (with credit, naturally). This may be by posting on the site or inclusion within other forms of media. By taking part in this challenge, you automatically allow us the right to do this and only this. Your image will not be used in any other way without your express permission. Your image will not be used for profit. It will be used purely to share the work that is being submitted.

During these wraps we will announce winners of prizes.

8) To be eligible for prizes, you must have your entry posted to our forums. The judges will be looking at a selection of images not just in terms of technical skill, but interpretation of theme and originality. There will be photographers of ALL levels entering this. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or an amateur, there’s room for everyone and everyone has a chance to be featured or win prizes! The prize is a one year subscription to an AWESOME account at 500px, valued at USD$75. At the conclusion of the one year, the prize-winner will be responsible for renewing the subscription, or can revert back to a free account. Differences in accounts can be seen at the previous link. The prize winner will be decided using a magical formula derived from the crumbs of a Tim Tam, photograph execution and photographer skill, interpretation of theme and the mood and sobriety level of our judges. Judges decisions are, however, final.

9) Have fun! And, to keep it a multiple of 3… We like to be Liked, so say hello on Facebook or Twitter!


The Challenges So Far…

Challenge #1: Masked Portrait.
(Challenge set 8 March — thus photos must be taken on the 8th or after.)
Due: Thursday 23 April, 2015, 8pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.
(Extended to include the Awesomeness of 500px!)

The first challenge was set by the extremely talented Naomi Frost. You must take either a portrait or self-portrait including a mask. The mask — any style of mask you wish, as long as it covers at least part of the face — must feature ON at least one person within your portrait.

Challenge #2: Panning + Motion.
(Challenge set 3 May — thus photos must be taken on the 3rd or after.)
Due: Thursday 25 May, 2015, 8pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.
Set by Robert Cianflone (Follow him on Twitter!), the challenge has been set to utilise the panning technique and capture motion. Although often used in sports photography, you can use this technique in any style of photography you wish. Pop through to the challenge page to see some tips by Robert on using panning!

Challenge #3: Portrait of a Stranger (With Their Knowledge).
(Challenge set 16 July, 2015. — thus photos must be taken on the 16th or after.)
Due: Monday 10 August, 2015, 8pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.
Set by Katherine Williams (Like her on Facebook!), the challenge has been set to take a portrait of a stranger, BUT the stranger must know you are taking the portrait. No street photography here; we want you to talk to the person and ask them if you can take a portrait of them. Be it a person down the road you have never spoken to, a shopkeeper in the store you work past every day on the way to work, or a completely random person on the street, reach out and say hello, ask them how their day is, and ask if you can take a portrait. Enjoy!

We can’t wait to see what is ahead!


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