Welcome to the second V3 Photo Challenge!

Due: Monday 25 May, 2015, 8pm AEST.

You may enter up to three photos.

You must take new photos (taken from 3 May 2015) to complete the challenge.

Everyone is welcome!


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500px: Making VoTogs' V3 even more Awesome!

500px: Making VoTogs’ V3 even more Awesome!

Panning + Motion

Due: Monday 25 May, 2015, 8pm Australian Eastern Savings Time. (Click here for a countdown clock!)
(Challenge set 3 May, 2015. Which means photos must be taken on or after May 3 to be eligible.)

Our second guest photographer is Robert Cianflone. Robert shoots for Getty Images, specialising in sports photography, and travels the world to capture the most important sporting events for widespread media coverage. In 2014 alone, he travelled the globe covering the Soccer World Cup, the Winter Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, plus also covering many domestic events within Australia. Chances are you have seen multiple of Robert’s photographs on front (and rear) pages of newspapers if you live in Australia, and possibly even if you live overseas.

He has an awesome Instagram feed you should follow, where he gives sneak peeks and behind-the-scene shots from major events, and you can also give him a follow over on Twitter.

For V3 Challenge #02, you are to take a photograph utilising the technique of panning. Panning is when you follow a moving subject by turning in time with them, capturing the movement and motion within the photograph. It is a widely used technique in sports photography. You can photograph anything you wish as long as the technique is employed.

Robert passed on some tips to help you with your panning:

  • To help with focus, follow the subject first off if possible. Otherwise just pick a spot on the track, path, road, etc, and pre-focus and wait for the subject to approach.
  • Start panning at around 500th of a sec (1/500). This will help you find your technique.
  • Keep feet slightly apart.
  • Keep your shooting arm close to your body.
  • Practice following a subject smoothly, and don’t jerk when pushing the shutter.
  • Shoot the subject when it is dead centre of your body and follow through.
  • When confident, start lowering your shutter speeds. Experimenting with slower shutter speeds can help showcase more movement and add a brilliant effect.
  • Panning on windy days can be extremely difficult. If using a long telephoto remove the lens hood as this can act as a sail and make panning harder.
  • When panning an athlete in any sport or a person in general the face must be sharp.
  • When panning an open wheeler race car or motorbike the helmet must be sharp as possible as this is the main point of focus.
  • When panning cars on a race track take the time to watch the cars before you shoot, if the track is bumpy, no matter how good you are at panning you will find it hard to get a sharp image as the car will be “bouncy”. Also panning a car in a breaking zone will incur a lot of movement and unsharp images.
  • As you get confident you can try push/pull zoom techniques as you pan. Hard to do but worth the effort when they work!
  • Look to use backgrounds/foregrounds to add impact to the image.


Below are some awesome examples of the panning technique in use by Robert. Please note, while the below photos are capturing sports, feel free to use this technique in creative ways in any style of photography you wish! But ensure that the panning technique is used — you have to be moving with the subject, not just capturing the subject moving.






Take your photo and don’t forget to post it to the thread over on the forums!

Remember, new photos only. Make sure your EXIF data is viewable for us to check. Don’t forget to read the rules!


We’ll be meeting with Naomi later this week to discuss the entries from V3 Photo Challenge #1, so stay tuned for that!

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