We’re very proud to release our second podcast.

This podcast is a tad longer than our first but it is all quality, and we are sure you’ll love it! There’s a lot to learn from our competition discussions (but more on that in a second).

First, we discuss thinkTankPhoto‘s newest release, the TurnStyle camera bag range. We also announce the winner of our giveaway during the podcast, who will be receiving one of these very cool bags sometime soon!

Our featured guest for this podcast is Nathan Oxley. Nathan is a professional photographer, Director of the International Loupe Awards and Managing Director of CreativeAsia. On top of this, he is the designer of the very cool new LED Light Cube, which we discussed earlier in the week.

Part of this podcast also introduces our new segment called “Your Treasured Photo,” where we ask people to share something important to them beyond purely being their best photo. We asked Nathan to share a photo or two that he holds near and dear to him and we discuss their significance and the lessons learned from them on the show. You will see these two images down below the podcast player.

We have a fascinating chat with Nathan about the LED Light Cube, which very well could change the entire landscape of off-camera lighting, followed by a discussion about photography competitions at length, how best to approach them, how the judging process normally works, and get some fascinating insight of what’s in store for the Loupe Awards and CreativeAsia.

We hope you enjoy!


(c) Nathan Oxley.

(c) Nathan Oxley.


(c) Nathan Oxley.

(c) Nathan Oxley.

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