Happy New Year! Before we start, we want to wish all our readers the most productive of photographic years ahead of them! We hope to be part of that year!

We kicked VOTogs off in June 2013.

Which is to say that was our intention.

Then we started to realise what an animal 2013 was going to become…

2013 is a year that both Kevin and I are looking forward to putting behind us. A year that, sure, had some amazing moments and dizzying highs, but one that also had some crushing lows. Apocalyptic in some respects.

Our first podcast was recorded in June. Before we could even edit and release it, I lost my father after a long and brave battle with terminal cancer. Hence that is why the podcast was only released in August.

Between then and our second podcast, we had some changes to the way VOTogs was structured, both Kevin and I respectively went through some other life stuff, and the weight of it all started to weigh down on the time we allocated for VOTogs.

I also had a really good cupcake.

Poor Sam, our resident comic, was thrown more left field ideas as we (rather unfairly) relied on him to keep us on life support. It’s a good thing he works for the promise of an epic Mortal Kombat fight when I see him next and virtual pats on the back.

Late in 2013, I finally got Uni results for my Masters. There were rewrites to do, which took priority over VOTogs, and we suddenly became very slow to push content.

But, you know what? Apple took a while to get going, and look at them now. EVERYWHERE!

2014 will be a new start.

VOTogs will see some more changes this year. Our podcast, which we love doing, will unfortunately become a more occasional product as we save you from hearing my voice all the time. The podcast will still happen when something great pops up, but we want to concentrate on producing quality rather than quantity and deadlines be damned.

Keep in mind, it’s just two of us (and Sam, our comic) powering this spluttering engine. We appreciate your patience and support as we work slowly to build this up to something we can viably devote more time to without that pesky thing called full time jobs.

This year, we will concentrate on more featured photographers, more stories about photographers making a difference, more gear reviews, hopefully some guides and advice, and definitely more carefully considered opinion pieces. We will not jump on every topic, and we will rarely be the first, but we aim to have the most thought out pieces out there.

No jumping the gun, no blurting out the first thing that rolls off our keyboard.

And we won’t just recycle articles or featured photography projects which every other photography site reports one after the other.

And, finally, we want to get more involved with you!

Starting today, we have the VOTogs 52 Self Portrait Challenge!

Are you game?!

Or just scared of seeing my ugly mug every week for a year!

Details are here!

We hope you all had a great and safe start to 2014 (I spent mine next to a hospital bed of a brother with a bad gallbladder and Kev has performed a frontal lobotomy for those few hours, hence the lateness of this post), and we look forward to sharing photography with you!

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