The power of social media is a wonderful thing.

We posted the below article at the same time as ABC Newcastle.

We’re very happy to announce that the owner of the camera was found in record time! Less than 24 hours after the initial articles were posted, the camera owner was discovered, allllll the way in San Francisco! Pretty amazing!

We waited a bit of time before updating just to confirm everything was on the up and up and to see if we could discover who was responsible for the discovery. ABC’s social media power was the reason the owner was found in the end, but the help by all you guys certainly didn’t hurt!

Thank you, everyone, for getting behind this and helping find the owner!

Have a listen to ABC Newcastle’s interview with Drew, the guy who found the camera, and Ryan, the guy who owns the camera. Very genuine and uplifting chat!


**Original Article Below**

There is a moment that we all dread as photographers: losing our camera.

For one, it’s devastating to lose something on which we have spent our hard earned money.

But the part that hurts the most is the memories and images trapped on the memory card enclosed within that camera wherever it may be.

In fact, VOTogs co-founder Kevin Cheng had his camera stolen not so long back. The lost of gear was devastating, but the loss of the photos of his son and from a recent photo shoot for a competition was more hurtful.

Sometimes, though, you get lucky. Sometimes, the camera is found; sometimes it is found by someone who is honest and will protect the camera and its contained memories as though it is their own.

Photo from found camera. Published on 1233 ABC Newcastle website.

Photo from found camera. Published on 1233 ABC Newcastle website.

Peter’s local ABC radio station, 1233 ABC Newcastle, ran such a story today, and we thought VOTogs could help.

The story is simple. A young man, Drew, from the Hunter Valley, travelled to Spain to run with the bulls (crazy man!). While in Spain, he stumbled upon a Sony Cybershot camera atop the ATM he was using. He stashed it in his bag, planning to give it to the authorities, but got caught up in the whirlwind excitement of his holiday. He returned home, packed his bag away (with the camera still in it), and forgot about it. A few months later, he remembered the camera, and now they’re seeking the owners.

This camera needs to find its owner. We have no idea where the camera’s owners are from, with photos on the card from Europe to Yosemite National Park in the US. (The camera is now in Australia, so that’s a pretty well travelled camera!) There’s 562 treasured moments captured on the camera: family portraits, wedding photos, photographs of adventures. The images with this camera are certainly precious and will be loved to be rediscovered.

So let’s see if we can return this camera home to its owners. Someone out there must know someone who knows someone in these images.


Photo from found camera. Published on 1233 ABC Newcastle website.

Photo from found camera. Published on 1233 ABC Newcastle website.

Pop on over to the 1233 ABC Newcastle website to hear ABC presenter Aaron Kearney talking with Garry, Drew’s father, about the camera and their mission to return it home.

If you know someone in these photos, get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or via email. You could also just comment below.

Please also feel free to contact 1233 ABC Newcastle via Twitter or Facebook, too. Otherwise, if we hear anything, we’ll let them know on your behalf.

8 thoughts on “Updated: A Well Travelled Camera: Help It Find Its Way Home!

  1. It’s great to know that amazing people still exist in this world! I remember back a few years ago that I found a camera in the middle of a bar and I had actually stepped on it in the middle of a huge group of people. I took the camera home and searched for a few months and posted on Facebook and found the original owners. I can only imagine the empty pit in my stomach if I lost such memories. I hope the camera ends up in the owner’s hands soon! Great article!

  2. Rather unfortunate that this happened but I look forward to reading about what happened when the owner claims it.

    I’ll share this with my rather small network.

    • Cheers, Ed :)

      Naturally, depends on whether it was registered (I know, other than my dSLR gear, I rarely register stuff I buy). Sony actually has been in touch with one of our contacts. But not because of that.

      We believe we should have good news in the next day or so, but we’re awaiting confirmation of a few things…

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